The Hunger Action Network of New York State is a statewide membership organization that combines grassroots organizing at the local level with state level research, education and advocacy to address the root causes of hunger, including poverty.

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Release: Hunger Action Network Responds to Budget Agreement; The Rich Get More Toys, the Hungry Get Crumbs

The final State Budget once again gives gifts to the richest New Yorkers in the form of a sales tax exemption on the purchase of a yacht over $230,000 (and private planes) while giving the state’s poorest residents crumbs.

“Once again,  too many of New York’s citizens are left behind, including nearly one million children, many of whom will go to bed hungry tonight in this state with such riches,” said Susan Zimet, Executive Director, Hunger Action Network, NYS. “While the rich romp the seas and travel the world, the income gap continues to grow and African Americans, Hispanics and Latinos experience poverty at more than double the rate of white New Yorkers.”

Release: 25th People’s State of State Says that Poor Lives Matter

Hunger Action Network of NYS, FOCUS Churches, Faith and Hunger Network,
New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness, Fiscal Policy Institute, Interfaith Impact of NYS, NYS Episcopal Policy Network, Citizen Action and NYS Labor-Religion Coalition Call for $15 Minimum Wage, Living Wage Jobs, Stronger Safety Net, Education Funding, Rent Control

A Food Policy Agenda for New York City

The New York City Food Policy Agenda lays out recommendations for action by the Mayor and other city officials to improve NYC’s food systems.

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