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Dear Friends of Hunger Action Network NYS,

Another year draws to a close. 2012 has been a year full of challenges; from very real threats to essential programs that provide vital services to the most vulnerable to the devastating and deadly effect of hurricane Sandy.

We need your support to help us continue to be the voice fighting for New York State’s hungry. Our 30th anniversary has been especially challenging financially, with a steep drop in foundation funding causing us to cut back on our staff and programs. If you have given already, we thank you and look forward to your continued support.

Over the last two years we have made great progress in the battle to raise the state minimum wage. It seems now to be a question of when rather than if – and we will not rest until we succeed.

Many programs. and families, are facing hardships from the recent hurricane. We worked with Senator Gillibrand’s office to get a 50% increase in food stamps in the impacted areas. We are still working to get local governments to fully participate in the federal Disaster-SNAP program, which would provide an extra $50 million in food benefits monthly in NYC alone.

Hunger Action Network has long been the voice for the disenfranchised, speaking truth to power and working for just policies. We need your support to help us realize our vision for a society of shared prosperity with food and dignity for all. We ask you to give generously to sustain our work towards that vision. Tens of thousands of low income New Yorkers are counting on us.

Can we count on you to give what you can?

Please mail a tax-deductible contribution to Hunger Action Network of NYS, 275 State St., Albany, NY 12210. Or make a secure donation through Network for Good using the link above. Let’s not let another year go by without these vital reforms. Your support helps us draw inspiration for the work that lays ahead in creating a state based on justice for all.

In Peace and Hope,

Mark A. Dunlea
Executive Director, Hunger Action Network of New York State.

275 State Street, 4th Floor, Albany, NY 12210 (518) 434-7371 FAX (518)434-7390
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