Hunger Action
Emergency Food Program Resources

One of Hunger Action’s goals is to help end hunger by providing technical assistance to the 3,000 Emergency Food Programs (EFPs) in New York State. We do this by 1) Connecting EFPs with various sources of private and public food and funding for their program, 2) Helping EFPs initiate innovative food projects 3) Connecting EFP clients to the Federal Nutrition Programs, and 4) Conducting Education, Research, and Advocacy on hunger issues. Hunger Action also maintains an Emergency Food Program Hotline and Online Directory to connect people to food resources outside of New York City. Feel free to contact Hunger Action with assistance in any of these areas.

Food and Funding Resources
Hunger Action informs EFPs about various sources of food and funding for their program. In addition, Hunger Action conducts advocacy to ensure that the programs are funded. Hunger Action recently published a guide, Food & Funding Resources for Emergency Food Programs (EFPs), which contains information about various sources of food and funding for EFPs. The guide describes the resource, the application deadline, and the grant contact. The guide is meant to provide a basic overview of major programs and organizations providing food or funds to EFPs, but should not be considered an exhaustive list of sources of food or funding for EFPs. Each guide has been tailored for the different regions of New York State. Click below to download the guide for your region:

Central NY GuideFinger Lakes GuideLong Island Guide
New York City GuideNortheastern New York Guide
Southern Tier GuideWestchester GuideWestern NY Guide

Food Projects
In order to meet the needs of New Yorkers who lack adequate access to food, the Hunger Action Network promotes and assists in the development of many innovative programs designed to eliminate hunger and increase food justice. This includes projects such as Community Gardens where people can grow their own fruits and vegetables; Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) which allows New Yorkers to buy affordable, nutritious food directly from a farmer; Food Rescue and Gleaning programs that rescue food that would otherwise have gone to waste either from restaurants or from farms; Food Buying Clubs that bring together several people in one community and cooperatively purchase food at wholesale prices; and many more! Check out our Community Food Security section for more information and contact Hunger Action for assistance in starting one of these projects.

Federal Nutrition Programs
The Federal Nutrition Programs are government funded food programs designed to improve the nutrition, well-being, and food security of low-income Americans. The programs allow individuals and families to stretch their food dollars and access healthy food. Hunger Action can provide workshops on the Federal Nutrition Programs for EFP staff or clients or link you with local groups who can also provide assistance. We also hold regional conferences on the Federal Nutrition Programs and can come to your region if you are interested in cosponsoring a conference with us. Also, please feel free to download Hunger Action’s various promotional brochures for your program guests to help spread the word about the programs. Check out our Federal Nutrition Program section for more information and to download brochures.

Education, Research, and Advocacy
Hunger Action conducts regional forums on key anti-hunger issues. Staff also conducts community food and welfare reform advocacy workshops in New York City and Albany. In addition, Hunger Action conducts research and produces reports on various hunger issues, including EFP utilization trends.

We also assist EFPs and their guests participate in advocacy at the local and state level. This is done in a variety of ways, including participating in Hunger Awareness Day the third Thursday of March, our Thanksgiving Action Against Hunger in November, and our Legislative Education and Advocacy Day in March/April.

Emergency Food Program Directory

Our online Emergency Food Program Directory allows you to find a food program in your area using your county or zip code. The directory includes food programs outside of New York City only. For a list of programs in New York City, please call the Food Bank for NYC at 1-866-NYC-FOOD or go to their website at http://www.foodbanknyc.org/go/agency-network/agency-directory/index.htm.

Hunger Action also runs a toll free Hunger Hotline connecting people to food resources outside of NYC: 1-866-526-2978. For food resources in New York City, call the toll free Hunger Hotline at 1-866-888-8777 or the Emergency Food Locator at 1-866-NYC-FOOD (or 1-866-692-3663).

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