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Hunger and Homelessness Survey:
Follow these links for a copy of the 2013 USCM Hunger and Homelessness Survey press release (pdf) and report (pdf).

Hungry in New York: A 2012 Study of Emergency Food Programs in NYS – click here for pdf
Hunger Action Network of NYS has conducted the survey as part of our 30th anniversary to better inform our advocacy work to increase funding for emergency food programs. The survey also seeks information on additional resources and assistance that EFPs need. The survey pertains specifically to the emergency food aspect of your organization and not your overall organization.
If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Mark Dunlea at 212 741-8192 ext 5#.

Overview of Hunger and Poverty
USDA & Feeding America

The United States Conference of Mayors HUNGER AND HOMELESSNESS SURVEY
A Status Report on Hunger and Homelessness in America’s Cities: A 25-City Survey December, 2012
click here for Executive Summary and click here for Full Report

Hunger FactsHow Many New Yorkers are Hungry?

The Perpetual Storm: Hunger Before & After Sandy
New York City Coalition Against Hunger’s Annual Hunger Survey – November 2012

NYC Hunger Safety Net 2011-12: Serving Under Stress Post-Recession – The State of Food Pantries & Soup Kitchens Today
Released November 19, 2012, Serving under Stress Post-Recession: The State of Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens Today is the first in a series of reports based on NYC Hunger Safety Net 2011-12 data. It documents in detail the services these programs provide, the resources they utilize, and the operational challenges they face, in light of a continued weak economic recovery from the Great Recession. Differences between food pantries and soup kitchens are highlighted, and borough-by-borough comparisons are made.
click here for full report, pdf
click here for executive summary

NYC Food Policy Reports
FoodWorks November 2010
A Vision to Improve NYC’s Food System
FoodNYC February 2010
A Blueprint for a Sustainable Food System
How New York City’s Food Policy Holds the Key to Hunger, Health, Jobs and the Environment

In upstate cities, half of children live in poverty:
Hunger Action Network says New York needs to raise welfare benefits and minimum wage, expand child care funding.

New poverty data released today by the federal government (American Community Survey) shows incredibly high rates of childhood poverty in upstate New York cities.

Almost one in four Households with Children in NYS Report Inability to Afford Enough Food
Data Also Show Widespread Struggle in Every Congressional District, Underscoring Need to Protect Nutrition Safety Net

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