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April, 2015
Hunger Action Network of NYS Responds to Budget Agreement
The Rich Get More Toys, the Hungry Get Crumbs

The final State Budget once again gives gifts to the richest New Yorkers in the form of a sales tax exemption on the purchase of a yacht over $230,000 (and private planes) while giving the state’s poorest residents crumbs. “Once again,  too many of New York’s citizens are left behind, including nearly one million children, many of whom will go to bed hungry tonight in this state with such riches,” said Susan Zimet, Executive Director, Hunger Action Network, NYS. “While the rich romp the seas and travel the world, the income gap continues to grow and African Americans, Hispanics and Latinos experience poverty at more than double the rate of white New Yorkers.”

January, 2015
25th People’s State of State Says that Poor Lives Matter
Hunger Action Network of NYS, FOCUS Churches, Faith and Hunger Network,
New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness, Fiscal Policy Institute, Interfaith Impact of NYS, NYS Episcopal Policy Network, Citizen Action and NYS Labor-Religion Coalition Call for $15 Minimum Wage, Living Wage Jobs, Stronger Safety Net, Education Funding, Rent Control

June, 2014
Anti-Hunger Advocates Want the “New” Cuomo to Convene Minimum Wage Board for Food Tip Workers
The Hunger Action Network of New York State said today that the easiest way for Governor Cuomo to show his new found commitment to a progressive economic agenda would be to convene the minimum wage board to provide a pay hike to food tip workers.

March, 2014
As State Debates Budget, Coalition Calls on State Sen. Klein & Governor Cuomo:
Don’t Play Politics—Repeal the Corporate Subsidies and Include All Workers in a REAL Minimum-Wage Increase

Hunger Action Network of NYS – Empire State Economic Security Campaign- New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness – #NYInequality Campaign
Advocates Charge Cuomo with Neglecting Poor New Yorkers

January, 2014
Statement by Mark Dunlea, Hunger Action Network of NYS, On House Passage of Farm Bill
Farm Bill Cuts Funding for Hunger; Favors Agribusiness and Unhealthy Foods; Environmentalists Lose

NYC School Breakfast Program Participation Last Among Large Cities
NYS Ranks only 41 in School Breakfast Participation, Brentwood and Syracuse Both Show Significant Improvement

Anti-Poverty Groups Urge Cuomo to Focus on Income Inequality in 2014
Cuomo Needs to Listen to Obama, Biden and de Blasio
The 24th annual People’s State of the State called upon Governor Cuomo this year to focus on responding to the crisis of income inequality in New York State.

December, 2013
Assembly Speaker’s Proposal for a 25 Cents Minimum Wage Hike is Too Low
The Hunger Action Network of NYS said today that the proposal by Speaker Silver to raise the minimum wage by 25 cents an hour at the end of 2014 at least getst the debate going but was nowhere near enough.

Cuomo to Short Change Minimum Wage Tip Workers in Food Industry
The new minimum wage orders to be issued by the Cuomo administration at the end of 2013 will maintain the present subminimum cash wage for workers in the food / hospitality industry. The wage orders will instead raise the tip credit that is subtracted from the new minimum wage of $8 an hour.

Hunger Action Supports Lander’s Bill to Create a NYC Food Policy Council, Releases Report on Need for a Council in NYC
The Hunger Action Network of NYS applauded New York City Council member Brad Lander for introducing city legislation today to create a Food Policy Council for NYC.

Anti-Hunger Groups Call on Senator Schumer to Block Cuts to Food Stamps (SNAP)
New Cuts Will Target NYS Residents – SNAP (food stamps) participants in New York State would bear the brunt of the new round of cuts in the farm bill that have been agreed to by the lead negotiators.

November, 2013
The Real Hunger Games: SNAP Cuts Takes Food Off the Table this Thanksgiving

State and City Need to Do More to Address Hunger and Poverty

Anti-Hunger and Food Justice Groups Release Agenda for First 100 Days of New Mayor
Ending hunger, overhauling the Human Resources Administration, and improving coordination of city work on food issues should be top priorities for the first 100 days of Mayor de Blasio’s administration according to hunger and food justice advocates.

Cuomo Urges NYers to Give to Emergency Food programs; Hunger Action Asks Him for $10 Million for HPNAP
The Hunger Action Network of NYS, in response to a call by Governor Cuomo for increased donations to emergency food programs, called upon Governor Cuomo to increase the state donations to such programs by $10 million a year.

Congress Cuts Food Stamp Benefits for 50 Million Americans – And Threaten More
Anti-Hunger Groups Urge Senator Schumer to Stop the Cuts

October, 2013
New York residents to suffer $332 Million Loss in Food Benefits on November 1
That loss is ten times the amount of funding ($29 million) presently provided by the State of NY through the Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP) to help emergency food programs feed more than 3 million New Yorkers.

Hunger Action Network Joins with Millions to Fight Cuts to Food Stamps
“Stop the #HungerCliff” Thunderclap reaches over 4 million people on World Food Day

Coalition Calls on Mayoral Candidates To Support Free and Healthy Lunches for All NYC Public School Students
At a press conference today at City Hall, the Lunch 4 Learning Campaign, a coalition of 88 New York City organizations, led by Community Food Advocates, called on the mayoral candidates to make school lunch a true educational and health program by offering free lunch to all public school students.

Hunger Action Network Calls on NYS Food Policy Council to Provide More Leadership
The Hunger Action Network of NYS said that the NYS Food Policy Council needs to adopt a state plan for food policy as directed by the Executive Order establishing it six years ago.

Anti-Hunger Groups say solution to federal budget crisis is to cut Pentagon spending
As the Congressional budget stalemate shutting down the federal government now threatens to spill over into raising the debt ceiling, anti-hunger activists say the solution is a massive cut in the bloated Pentagon budget.

September, 2013
Hunger Action Says State Lawmakers Should Disclose Income to Moreland Commission
The Hunger Action Network of NYS called today for state lawmakers to comply with the request by the Moreland Commission for them to disclose their outside income to the Commission.

Shame on House Members for Voting to Cut SNAP Benefits
Statement of the Hunger Action Network of NYS on the vote in the House of Representatives to Cut SNAP Funding by $40 billion

One in 4 Households with Children in NYS Report Inability to Afford Enough Food
Data Also Show Widespread Struggle in Every State and Metropolitan Area, Underscoring Need to Protect Nutrition Safety Net

One in Six Americans Living in Households that Struggle Against Hunger

More than 48.9 million Americans lived in households struggling against hunger in 2012, according to new data released today by the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in its annual report on food insecurity in the U.S.

Letter to Gov. Cuomo: Need for a Real Minimum Wage and a Minimum Wage Board
As New Yorkers celebrate Labor Day and the contributions of working people, we urge your administration to take action to strengthen New York’s minimum wage law and its enforcement.

August, 2013
House Republicans Using the Farm Bill to Attack Hungry Americans
The Farm Bill is the federal blueprint for our food system. Congress is one year late in reauthorizing the legislation, largely due to its polarization and dysfunction.

NYC Mayor Race – Liu, Quinn, Thompson, Gronowicz Support Free Universal School Lunches
Four candidates for Mayor in NYC – Democrats Liu, Quinn, Thompson and Green Party Gronowicz – have told the Hunger Action Network of NYS that they support free universal school lunches.

July, 2013
Mayoral Candidates Support Free Universal School Meals, Food Policy Council
Hunger Action Network was one the four groups that initiated the Mayoral Forum on Food Policy issues at the New School on Wednesday July 17.

June, 2013
Statement of Hunger Action Network of NYS on House Vote to Reject the Farm Bill
We appreciate the many New York congressional members who voted to defeat the House Farm Bill that included more than $20 billion in SNAP cuts.

May, 2013
Workers, labor and advocacy groups demand of Cuomo: real minimum-wage increase and labor-law enforcement
Workers detail rampant wage theft & weak labor-law enforcement; call on Cuomo to raise minimum wage for tipped workers, repeal his corporate subsidies

NO BAD GRAND BARGAIN – Post Event Release
Community Leaders Serving New Yorkers in Need Decry Harm Caused by Washington’s Austerity Mania

No Bad Grand Bargain
New Yorkers Harmed by Washington’s Austerity Mania to Speak Out Friday, May 31, 11 AM City Hall

Coalition for a Real Minimum-Wage Increase

Workers, labor and advocacy groups call on Cuomo: stop discriminating against tipped workers

10,000 NYers Urge State Lawmakers to Pass State Single Payer 
Doctors, Nurses, Labor, Seniors, Consumers Want Health Care to be a Right

Voters Oppose Efforts to Cut Food Stamps
Poll Shows Strong Support for Food Stamps as Congress Debate How Much to Cut Them; Cuts in Farm Bill Target New York Residents

April, 2013
Mayoral Candidates Urged to Support a NYC Food Policy Agenda
Food Justice Advocates want the Mayor to do More to End Hunger, Promote Healthy Food, Create Jobs and Strengthen Regional Food Shed

Hunger Action Says Tip Workers Should Receive the Full Minimum Wage
Urges Governor to Raise Minimum Wage for All Workers to $10 Immediately, and to Combat Wage Theft from Low-Income Workers

March, 2013
Minimum Wage Deals Continues to Get Worse
The Hunger Action Network said today that the minimum wage deal continues to get worse for workers and taxpayers as more details begin to emerge.

Klein’s Minimum Wage Deal Costs Low-­‐Income Workers a Billion Dollars Plus
Hunger Action Network noted that the reported deal for $8.50 an hour initially is 50 cents less than President Obama has proposed for the national minimum wage, even though the cost of living is NYS is much higher than the rest of the country.

In the thick of budget talks, more than thirty activists gathered at the Capitol Thursday to demand a living wage for the people of New York State.

February, 2013
Hunger Action: NY Minimum Wage needs to be Higher than Federal
The Hunger Action Network of NYS said today that while they were glad to see the Assembly raise their minimum wage proposal to match President Obama’s proposal – $9.00 an hour plus indexing – they noted that NYS’ minimum wage should always be higher than the national wage.

More than One in Six Americans Report Inability to Afford Enough Food
New Food Hardship Data Reflect Continuing Struggles and Highlights Need for Congress to Protect Nation?s Nutrition Safety Net

January, 2013
Anti-Hunger Programs Disappear from Cuomo’s State Budget
Despite calling in his State of the State address for more state effort to end hunger, Governor Cuomo has apparently proposed eliminating direct state funding allocations in the budget for critical anti-hunger programs such as Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP) and Women, Infants and Children.

Statement of the Hunger Action Network of NYS Applauding Cuomo for Anti-Hunger Initiative and Hike in Minimum Wage
The Hunger Action Network applauds Governor Cuomo for proposing in his State of the State address to raise the state minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $8.75.

People’s State of the State January, 8 2013 Media Release
Cuomo Must Do More to Lift New Yorkers Out of Recession, Provide Jobs, Minimum Wage, Stronger Safety Net, Fair Taxes, Campaign Finance Reform; Highlight People’s State of the State.

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