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Thank you for all your work on the minimum wage and state budget.

Your phone calls, letters, and personal visits to legislators made a difference. The final vote on the budget is expected this Thursday, then the legislature is on vacation for several weeks. We are helping to organize a lobby day on single payer health care on May 21.
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The NYC Food Policy Agenda

Highlighting critical food issues for the upcoming Mayoral and City Council races, the long term purpose is to have a blueprint for action on food justice for the next Mayor. The NYC Food Policy Agenda addresses problems including: hunger, public health, food access and waste, low earnings for farmers and food workers, threats to our farming communities, and the affects of climate change on our food system.

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Minimum Wage Hike Falls Short of Our Moral Obligations

New York lawmakers sadly have missed the opportunity to provide millions of low-income New Yorkers with a living wage, one that recognizes their value and dignity. Instead our elected officials have condemned many workers to continue to earn less than what is needed to put food on their families’ table or to adequately clothe and house themselves. The working poor have been deprived of the ability to obtain a decent quality of life.
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Hunger Action Network Newsletter

Grassroots March, 2014
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