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Call Governor Cuomo for Labor Day / 50th Anniv. Of March on Washington.
Message: The Governor should immediately appoint a wage board to raise the minimum wage for tip workers. It should be at least $10 an hour. And the Governor needs to crack down on wage theft.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo 518 474-8390 (press 2 to leave message, 3 to talk to someone)
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[Hungeralert] Call Congress to Stop SNAP (Food Stamp) Cuts

From the Food Research and Action Center:
This week, the House is expected to take up its Farm Bill and we need your help protecting SNAP from proposed cuts – cuts that would cause 2 million individuals to lose their benefits entirely, 210,000 children to lose free school meals, and 850,000 households to see their benefits cut by an average $90 per month.

On Tuesday, June 18, join advocates from across the country and call your Member of Congress and urge him/her to support and protect SNAP – click here to TAKE ACTION


[Hungeralert] Call your state senator to support Farm Worker Bill of Rights

There is still a week to go in the legislative session. The Farmworker Bill of Rights has the support of many labor, faith and community groups – and a coalition of the two Senate Democratic factions and some Long Island Republicans. So passage is possible.

The fight for Farmworker Justice has been a long one, and it’s not over yet. In order to win this battle for basic and essential protections, the Campaign for Farmworker Justice needs all hands on deck! There are many ways to get involved, follow our suggestions in the links below, or contact us with your own ideas on ways to get your community involved in this fight for social and economic justice! Click here for more info from the NYS Labor Religion Coalition.


No Bad Grand Bargain

New Yorkers Harmed by Washington’s Austerity Mania to Speak Out Friday, May 31, 11 AM City Hall
As City Council debates Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed budget for 2013-14, community, labor, and civic groups to share stories and call on President and Congress to cancel the federal budget sequester and take “chained CPI” reforms to Social Security off the table
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Coalition for a Real Minimum-Wage Increase

Workers, labor and advocacy groups call on Cuomo: stop discriminating against tipped workers
Workers detail labor-law violations & enforcement problems; demand Cuomo raise the minimum-wage for all, repeal his corporate subsidies & step up enforcement
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ACTION ALERT: Time to Fight for a Fair Food & Farm Bill

Hunger, food-related illness, environmental degradation, corporate control of our food and farm systems… All of these challenges are linked to the federal Farm Bill. And yet Congress has let opportunity after opportunity slip by to pass a fair Farm Bill and address these injustices.

This is our opportunity to tell Congress to take our food and farm system seriously and pass a just, fair Farm Bill!

Call your representatives TODAY and tell them to sign-on as co-sponsors to the following important “marker bills” that, with enough support, would be part of the next Farm Bill: click here for bills & contact info


Thank you for all your work on the minimum wage and state budget.

Your phone calls, letters, and personal visits to legislators made a difference. The final vote on the budget is expected this Thursday, then the legislature is on vacation for several weeks. We are helping to organize a lobby day on single payer health care on May 21.
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HPNAP, Minimum Wage in Jeopardy:

Calls are needed to Governor Cuomo (518 474-8390) as well as to your individual state legislators (Senate and Assembly).

Call them in their district office this weekend. Try to find them in the community over the weekend. Raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour, at once, with indexing. No subminimum wage, include tip workers. And provide at least $29.7 million in funding for HPNAP.
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Join us for the final stages of NY’s Minimum Wage Battle!

Join the March for a Minimum Wage of $9/Hour with Indexing
Thursday | March 14th | 11:45am – 1:30pm | Washington Ave. Entrance | Capitol Building

CALL SENATOR KLEIN: District office – 718 822-2049; Albany office – 518 455-3595. Or Toll Free #: 1-888-789-9085. This toll free number is a switchboard, through which you can ask for Sen. Klein.
click here for more info & sample call in script


People’s Hearing on the State Budget / Annual Legislative Action Day

Hundreds of low-income New Yorkers, community activists, union members and faith leaders gathered at the State Capitol Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 for a People’s Hearing on the State Budget.

The hearing is part of the annual legislative action day by Hunger Action Network of NYS, Empire State Economic Security Campaign, New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness, and many others. The People’s Hearing was designed to highlight the need to restore millions in lost funding to programs and services for struggling New Yorkers that have been left out of the budget.
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Hunger Action
Call Governor Cuomo; 518 474-8390
Main Message: We look forward to your Anti-Hunger Task Force. Please include $10 million in the budget for emergency food (HPNAP). And increase funding for Meals on Wheels and WIC.
Secondary Message:
Thank you for proposing a minimum wage hike to $8.75 an hour. We hope you will consider $10.
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Not in Albany for The People’s State of the State?
Bring the action to your own phone or computer by taking part in The People’s Twitter Rally!
During the People’s State of the State residents all across New York will be participating from home by using the hashtag #PeoplesNYS in all of their tweets about the rally. Let the Governor and other elected officials know what you want for New York State this year by telling them directly. Send as many tweets as you can!
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23rd Annual People’s State of the State
Tuesday, January 8, 11:45 AM Capitol

People’s State of the State 2013 Media Release

The annual People’s State of the State Rally will take place on Tuesday Jan. 8 at 11:45 AM at the State Capitol (State St. entrance)

Key issues for 2013 will include raising the state minimum wage, living wage jobs, increasing funding for emergency food, ending childhood hunger, fair taxes and campaign finance reform.

The People’s State of the State event is held the day before the Governor’s official address to provide a realistic picture of how the state is faring on hunger, homelessness, income equality, and employment.
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A message from CVH Action:

No heat. No electricity. But lots of mold. In the communities of New York City hardest-hit by Hurricane Sandy, there is so much mold in flooded homes and buildings that it is making kids sick.
Residents in storm-stricken neighborhoods are facing a humanitarian crisis.
It has been six weeks since the storm devastated New York and New Jersey. Yet thousands of families are STILL without light, heat or hot water.
Click here to tell Mayor Bloomberg to return electricity and heat and to remove mold from all affected homes by December 31.
Click here for more info


The good news is the city has finally agreed to participate in the federal D-SNAP program for disasters.
This provides extra benefits for those already receiving SNAP and allows individuals not normally eligible for benefits to receive SNAP (more working families, immigrants, undocumented workers, those under sanction).

The not so good news is that the City has limited to 12 zip codes where people who are eligible (compared to more than 80 zip codes that got automatic replacement benefits). And the city has limited to only 7 days – starting December 12 in Brooklyn and December 14 Staten Island) as to when people can apply (and get benefits for a month) and only at a handful of central sites (advocates have been trying to persuade the city to modify this).

Click here for applications and information in English, Spanish, Chinese, and many other languages.
Click here for full info – application locations, outreach advice, etc.


Hunger Action Alert:
Please call Governor Andrew Cuomo and urge him to include at least $10 million in increased funding for emergency food in next year’s state budget.
Call 518 474-8390, you can leave a message:
“Please increased funding for emergency food in the HPNAP program by $10 million in next year’s state budget.”
The present state level for the state Hunger and Prevention Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP) is $29 million. The Bureau of Nutrition of the NYS Dept. of Health has requested a $10 million increased based on the number of proposals they recently received for direct funding.
(We will also be asking Mayor Bloomberg for at least a $3 million increase in EFAP funding.)
Hunger Action’s recent survey of food pantries and soup kitchens found 8% increase in the number of people fed by food pantries compared to the prior year, and a 2% increased in soup kitchen use.
More than 2/3 of the programs reported a decline in government and private donations; cuts in federal funding for emergency food have been especially steep in that last two years.
The NYC Coalition Against Hunger does an annual survey of EFPs in NYC, reporting “food pantries and soup kitchens faced a 5 percent spike in demand in 2012. This further added to surges in need in previous years: 12 percent in 2011, 7 percent in 2010, and 29 percent in 2009.”


Hunger Action Alert: Urgent – Letters needed to Sen. Schumer about the Grand Bargain
Hunger Action Network is helping to organize a meeting with Senator Schumer this Friday (November 30, 2012) to push him to oppose any Grand Bargain on the budget deficit, especially one that cuts funding for food stamps, Medicaid, Social Security, housing, Medicare and other vital safety need programs.
We are collecting letters from groups on their letterhead to hand to Senator Schumer as part of the meeting.

If you can provide a letter, please send to _dunleamark@aol.com_ by 2 PM on Friday.
Write in your own words and discuss how it would impact upon your own program and guests.


Cuomo Should Use Labor Day to Raise Minimum Wage
MEDIA RELEASE & ACTIONUrge Cuomo to Raise the Minimum Wage this Labor Day
Calling Message: The Governor needs to raise the state minimum wage to at least $10 an hour. This Labor Day he should use his power under the state labor law to raise it administratively.
The General comment line for the Governor is 518 474-8390. Hit 2 to leave a message.
You can also leave a message with Alphonso David, the Deputy Secretary to the Governor who handles labor issues: 518 486-1214.

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