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2014 -15 Anti-Hunger Issues state, federal, local

State Issues

Empire State Economic Security Campaign (ES2). HANNYS helps coordinates ES2s work around issues such as welfare, jobs, economic justice, health care, child care, education, housing.

Wage Theft.  (A5501 /S2232B)Pass the SWEAT bill to increase ability of workers to collect judgements against wage theft. Creates a wage theft lien.

State Budget. $20 million increase for emergency food programs through HPNAP. Better target jobs to low-income households. Close corporate tax loopholes (see NYers for Fiscal Fairness). Increase Funding for farmland development rights. More staff for labor department enforcement of wage theft.

Progressive Tax Reform. Close corporate tax loopholes. Stock transfer tax.

Welfare grant. Should be raised to lift families out of poverty. Shelter allowance should reflect actual cost of housing; interim, should be at least 50% of Fair Market Value. Raise the Earned Income Disregard to allow welfare participants to earn their way out of poverty.

Improve Access to Public Assistance. Led by EJSWN coalition in NYC.

Sanctions Reform. (A4250/S3596) Allow welfare participants to “correct” the actions that led to the suspension of benefits. Modify the conciliation process

State Single Payer. (A 5062 / S3525). Congress passed an insurance mandate, not health reform, and the problems will continue to increase. Groups continue to push a state version of Medicare for All.

Child care waiver.  Establish a Waiver from Work Requirements for parents with young children. This would help free up child care slots as other states have done. Assembly wants one year old; advocates two.

Minimum Wage. Increase to $15 an hour and then index to inflation. Strengthen laws and enforcement re wage theft (SWEAT bill – A8065 / S6658).. End tip deduction for tip workers. Enable local communities to set higher minimum wage. Also increase state (and city) Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

Jobs. Take $100 million of TANF surplus funding for welfare transitional jobs, wage subsidies, green jobs, career pathways. Set low-income / community job hiring targets for publicly funded jobs. Rather than rebating the $14 billion from the stock transfer tax to Wall Street speculators, create half a million public jobs at a living wage. Support the $1.5 billion proposal from Sen. Klein for community jobs.

Housing. Increase subsidies for tenants and low-income New Yorkers. Strengthen / renew rent control.

Campaign Finance Reform. Public campaign financing. Reduce influence of special interest donations.

Workfare. Repeal unpaid work activities. A7119 S5120

School meals. Free universal school lunch, expand CEO participation. Mandatory breakfast in the classroom.

GMO labeling. (A617/S485) Required foods that are genetically engineered to be labeled as such. A7119 ‘S5120.



NYC Food Policy. Food Policy Council. Mandatory Breakfast in the classroom. Expand universal school lunch to all schools.

Emergency Food Assistance Program. Increase funding to $15.4 million.

HRA. Sanction reform, improved access to benefits, transitional jobs, increased access to education and training.

Federal Issues

Reauthorization of Child Nutrition Programs. WIC, school meals, summer meals, CCACP.

TANF Reauthorization – sets the rules for welfare. Increase more funding, more support for education and training, more flexible work rules, child care. Fund job creation and training for TANF participants. Make one of the goals reducing child hood poverty

Minimum wage. Raise to at least $15 an hour, plus indexing.

End Child Hunger by 2015.

The Right to Food as a Legal Right

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