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December, 2012
Hungry in New York: A 2012 Study of Emergency Food Programs in NYS (2012)
Hunger Action Network of NYS has conducted the survey as part of our 30th anniversary to better inform our advocacy work to increase funding for emergency food programs. The survey also seeks information on additional resources and assistance that EFPs need. The survey pertains specifically to the emergency food aspect of your organization and not your overall organization.
If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Mark Dunlea at 212 741-8192 ext 5#.

June, 2012
NYC Worst in the Country Among Large cities in terms of School Breakfast participation – Testimony
Hunger Action Calls to Mandate Participation in Breakfast in the Classroom, Generate an Extra $50 million in federal spending

May, 2012, update
Stop Fingerimaging
Groups are urging Gov. Cuomo to stop fingerimaging as 48 other states have already done.

January, 2012
Raise the Minimum Wage
Hunger Action Network Says Assembly Call for $8.50 Minimum Wage is not enough, Continue to Push for $10.

November 2010
A Vision to Improve NYC’s Food System

February 2010
A Blueprint for a Sustainable Food System

June 2009
Evaluating a Decade of Welfare Reform in New York State
Putting Jobs into New York’s Welfare to Work Program

February 2009
How New York City’s Food Policy Holds the Key to Hunger, Health, Jobs and the Environment

June 2005

Food Justice in NYC Meeting Break-out Session Notes
The notes are shared so that we may have a common understanding of some of the diverse concerns, thoughts, opinions, hopes, and ideas of meeting attendees.

Just Food: Building a Just and Sustainable
Food System for NYC

Addendum, Growing a Healthy New York

Growing a Healthy New York
Innovative Food Projects that End Hunger and Strengthen Communities

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