A Network of New Yorkers Working To End Hunger

Hunger Action Network of New York State was founded in 1982 as a membership organization representing emergency food providers and other concerned individuals and organizations sharing the common goal of ending hunger and its root causes, including poverty.  Our policy work is driven by the will of our members and our approach is a combination of grassroots organizing and public policy research, education and advocacy.

State Advocacy: SWEAT Bill

State Advocacy: F2FB

Without Cuomo support, NY farmers push food bank credit in budget

March 22, 2017 Story by: Featured in: The Times Union Despite alleged and recurring pushback from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the New York Farm Bureau said

March 22nd, 2017|

 A bill that would award tax credits to farms for donating produce to local food banks has been vetoed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The legislation,

February 24th, 2017|


Faces of Hunger:Rob Schwartz

Remembering Rob Schwartz

Rob Schwartz, a long time Hunger Action Network board member, died after a very brief illness early last year. He